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Model diverse program uses which automatically lock screw

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2016/5/30 9:55:14 Hits:2410
Lock Screw Machine refers to both automatic feeding, automatic locks to pay, automatic detection, counting, alarm and other functions, and other automated lock screw device, its development greatly improve the enterprise pay the screw lock efficiency, Hua Cornell multiaxial lock screw machine the most significant effect.
        In actual use, companies generally have a variety of models of the same product, the same types of products may also be used in a variety of screws. Versatility has always been automatic locking screw machine industry problems, but these were different circumstances change adopted which design more economical it?
        1. Model varied, the same screw type
For such a case, there are a variety of programs to choose from, the same screw type, able to ensure the supply system versatility, simply using different locking systems to pay, there are alternatives:
        Handheld ---- handheld is characterized by the artificial autonomous lock pay, as long as the same type screws may be used on any product, usually less holes in the product (switches, plugs, terminals, etc.), or a multi-faceted product needs to pay the screw lock (power supply chassis, etc.), the drawback is the efficiency and performance influenced by human factors.
        Coordinate ---- coordinate type robot known as automatic locking screw machine, by the intelligent circuit control, mechanical arm automatically lock pay according to pre-set path, adjustable lock pay their own way, often used to screw more products (circuit boards, instruments, etc.). flexible operation and stable performance. cost efficiency is higher than the handheld.
        Multiaxial ---- multiaxial are the highest efficiency in the various programs, lock pay 10 screws and a lock pay the same high performance, stability efficiency. Versatility weak. In models similar products simple debugging.

        2. Model changeable screw different models
        Automatically lock screw device itself. At present such problems still can not get good solutions, products and diverse screws, automatic feeding system can not ensure stability, while different holes supply of different screws, automatic feeding system does not recognize which holes the screw with much, its development costs are higher.
        On manufacturers, you can purchase different feeding system devices, a plurality of sub-stations to lock screw to pay, of course, if you can modify the process, using the same screw is better.
        Automatic locking screw machine as a non-standard automation equipment, in accordance with the characteristics of the product and screws tailored solutions above are for reference only, for information please contact Huanair online customer service or call Tel left. Professionals to answer your questions.
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