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Automatic locking screw machine which good design

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2016/5/30 9:56:31 Hits:2338
Enterprises to purchase new equipment, new technology, the main change is the presence of negative factors existing production, increase productivity, enhance the rate of qualified products, reduce production costs, reduce labor and so on. Equipment costs and return on investment for companies whether to purchase the decisive factor.
        Automatic locking screw machine costs and rate of return
        Since the automatic locking screw machine usually has several categories, automatic locking screw different types of equipment, the investment rate of return vary greatly, and automatic locking screw machine is made non-standard automation equipment, the use of that type of equipment need to look at the production requirements, can not be generalized.
For example, the most efficient multi-axis, a lot can be screwed screws (2-20 pieces), one device can replace multiple employees, their return on investment is quite high. But in more screw products, such is not suitable, such as industry, led module, a module usually has more than 100 screws, tighten the theory, once all the screws, the efficiency is very high, while in the actual design, configuration 100 electric screwdriver and a screw conveyor 100 device will cost more than expected number of enterprises, but not strong viable solution (a screw conveyor 100 required gas supply can not meet the requirements of most enterprises, 100 electric screwdriver while design jobs difficult), and therefore can not be compared between the multi-axis coordinate and style. We will be three types of automatic locking screw equipment ROI listed separately. In six screws product, for example, the company's existing 20 employees work. With only five employees need to complete the existing production tasks.

        Handheld minimum investment costs, cost recovery shortest time, using the same automatic nail feeding machine, single it still can not get rid of the artificial hole, unable to meet the automation requirements of the job, which is suitable for small-scale production, after using this program, still 10- 12 employees to work to achieve before production requirements.

        For screws 2-20 pieces products, multiaxial more appropriate, current technology can achieve a conveyor screw 20 and a screw down, using a 6-axis one can save six workers, only four devices an employee can be completed before the 20-person production tasks.


        Coordinate the use of coordinate positioning, one by one, the electric screwdriver to tighten the screws (also a twist 2), Coordinate advantage that a person can operate multiple devices according to the coordinates given good, 5 employees can operate under such circumstances 10 devices can be.

        By comparison: the handheld can not meet the requirements, and the investment cost is lower than the multi-axis coordinate formula, the above case is suitable for multi-axis programs. Its investment cost and the highest rate of return.

        Note: This refers to the case of six screws multiaxial the best results, while in other cases may be hand-held or Coordinate advantage, I hope not misunderstand. Also we want to provide customers with detailed requirements at the time of consultation so that we can take the most appropriate solution.
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