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Laser tube laser coders use to note the eight items

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2016/5/30 10:00:06 Hits:2073
Note a. Please use when connected to the cooling water, using the principle of low prices, adjusting the position of the outlet pipe to ensure that the cooling water filled cooling tube, there can not bubble tube, then turn the power on.
Requirements: cooling water using soft water / distilled water or purified water, and always pay attention to the cooling water temperature, the water temperature should be controlled in the range of 25 ℃ -30 ℃, can not be too high or too low, especially in the summer, once the water temperature is too high, the timely replacement of cooling water or rest stop for some time: the cooling water can not freeze in cold areas, especially after laser shutdown can not allow the cooling water retention in the laser tube, cooling water so as not to cause freezing burst.
Note: Users of AC, cooling water tank must be grounded
. Attention to two points of support in the laser tube laser tube to be 1/4 of the total length of the point, to ensure flow of cooling water in the 2L-4L / min; otherwise ineffective, cause mode hopping, leading to a spot a few points change power down; cooling water return nozzle in the tank must be covered with water, otherwise the laser tube cooling pour discontent turned off every time.
Note III. Note that the output of the laser protection window, to avoid the process, including the process of debugging the optical path, the smoke produced by sputtering to the output window surface to prevent contamination of the outer surface of the output window, power will decline, then the available cotton wool or silk ethanol output dipped gently wipe the outer surface of the window;
Note IV. During the commissioning process, the laser by adjusting the orientation of the anchor or rotating laser to achieve the best output effect, then the laser is fixed
Note that five important to note: Avoid dust accumulation near the high voltage electrode, to keep dry, high-pressure metal farther away from the end as much as possible, to prevent high-pressure discharge ignition.
Note VI. Lasers in use, can not have the scale formation in the cooling pipe to avoid clogging the cooling water, the cooling effect of variation. Once found, the available 20% of dilute hydrochloric acid cleaning condenser, remove scale.
Note VII. Lasers glass, brittle. When installing, to avoid local stress.
Note VIII. Rationalization laser tube, laser energy conservation, current best point laser tube at 16 mA.
These are laser tube laser coders use issues that need attention.
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