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Fiber laser coders can be played black aluminum effect

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2016/5/30 10:02:17 Hits:1741
Hitting aluminum can is a special fiber laser coders, laser hitting special fiber laser output laser, electro-optical conversion efficiency, small size and high beam quality.
Huanair to tell you this fiber laser coders with ordinary fiber laser coders are not the same, oh, this section laser coders using pulse width adjustable mode, the maximum frequency can be adjusted to 400Khz, aluminum can play black material effect, magnesium aluminum, alumina, aluminum all kinds are common. The fiber laser marking machine has eight advantages.
Advantages 1. The blower, smaller, more convenient installation
2. The advantage of the laser beam fine machining material consumption is small, processing small heat-affected zone.
3. High processing efficiency advantage, using computer control, easy to automate
Advantage 4. Mark more clear and beautiful, in depth, smoothness, finesse higher areas
5. The advantages of laser output power stability, high reliability, to meet the 24 hours of continuous stable production and processing needs,
6. Advantages whole life is about 100,000 hours
7. Advantage placed on the desktop still work the way for product marking, dynamic mobile products online flight marking
Advantage 8. Support 360-degree rotation marking
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