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To adjust the laser coder optical system, which needs to be done?

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2016/5/30 10:02:50 Hits:1440
1, the first red light turn on the power and disconnect the acousto-optic acousto-optic Q-switch. Before adjusting the lens and the rear anti-coated lenses and modules, so that the reflected light spot and a red light emitting point with close on one point.
2, the second step to open cycle cooler and laser power. The multiplier sheet placed between the expanded position and the former rebel Beam lens. Adjust the laser power supply will adjust to the value of about 10 or greater security, on-chip multiplier observe whether the green laser appeared before gently adjust the mirror holder until the green laser, the gradual transfer of small laser power supply output current until 8 Security or less,
3. The third step is to continue to adjust the four minor adjustment knob on the front of the mirror housing, so that the green laser spot diameter becomes the largest and brightest. The multiplier sheet placed below the focusing mirror, adjust the mirror support beam expander to make the spot diameter becomes the brightest, most circle.
Note: Do not adjusting knob turned up to a magnitude too large or too fast, causing no laser situation arises or is prone laser circuit deviation. Usually laser coders device has an optical path immediately locked after locking screws please adjust the optical path, in order to avoid excessive vibration or operation of equipment, so that the light path shift.
4, installed acousto-optic Q-switch, the anti-multiplier sheet placed between the front lens and beam expander, the drive power was observed acousto-optic acousto-optic Q switch lock light is normal, with or without light leakage through the switch Q, when there is light leakage Q position adjustment, adjust, and then increase the laser power to observe whether the light leakage current, until it is not leaked.
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