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Automatic laser coders fan maintenance skills

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2016/5/30 10:03:17 Hits:1450
Automatic laser coders fan prolonged use, the fan inside will accumulate a lot of solid dust, so fans have a great noise, and is not conducive to the exhaust odor.
When there is less poor suction fan exhaust, first turn off the power to the fan duct on the duct and removed, remove the dust inside, then the fan upside down, inside and Stubbs fan until clean , then the fan is installed.
Periodic maintenance of the type of material depends on the automatic laser coders carving, engraving quality, quality time carving and exhaust fan, the user can determine the maintenance intervals according to their specific situation.
We recommend that users checked every eight hours or cleaned once in use. If there is more dust on optics or walking mechanism, the cleaning cycle is shorter. If relatively clean, the cycle can be extended.
Users should be clearly cleaning and maintenance cycle, remember that good maintenance of equipment can make high-quality products, extend life and reduce downtime. Maintenance time is only 5 minutes a day, oh.
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