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Learn four strokes, automatic labeling machine might not marked with Alice

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2016/5/30 10:05:07 Hits:1601
Automatic labeling machine that is developed in recent years, and reached its peak, a variety of different functions, types of automatic labeling machine for countless products and packaging to bring convenience and practical economic benefits. Today's automatic labeling machine colorful, different functions, and for the development of packaging industry needs time getting ready.
        Labeling be the last link in the package, so the effect is very demanding, the most important is the effect of labeling to avoid Alice standard, blistering and other phenomena, labeling want to achieve the perfect visual effect. Alice in the process of actually labeling standard is more prone to problems, if handled properly we will be very easy to avoid this phenomenon.
        First, try using soft label material, good ductility of the label Alice standard will be a great improvement.
        Second, increase the viscosity of the label, try to make the label stick firmly. To continuously improve the quality of the surface of the hose is attached, as well as control pressure label labeling in the labeling process.
        Third, eliminate the effects of static electricity, the labeling process prone to static electricity, which will have an impact on the labeling effect, an appropriate increase in the humidity of the labeling site, there will be some improvement in the use of ion fan is an effective solution, so stay away from labeling dust, improve the quality of the product labeling.
        Fourth, change the shape of the label, the label will be made at the bottom of the arc, try to avoid the closure of the end deformation zone. Of course, the arc can not open too far, or because the tag itself is the problem likely to cause wrinkles, unnecessary trouble. For Shaped Sealing requires the shape of the label to be changed accordingly, it will not only avoid Alice standard can also add beauty.
        Automatic labeling machine not only bring more economic benefits for the major companies, the more our lives increases color.
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