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What is the driving force behind the automatic locking screw machine enterprise development?

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2016/5/30 10:18:00 Hits:1408
Regardless of any industry, innovation is the fundamental source of the core competitiveness of enterprises and development, companies have been stuck in the past achievements, the lack of product technology and management system, scientific innovation, never stagnant.
Today, the market competition is very fierce automation equipment, many manufacturers in order to win customers, the focus was on price, even to win a price war, at no bottom line reduce production costs, this marketing tool will be social Amoy state, even if the moment frustrated, but certainly not long-term cooperation, or even bring unnecessary economic losses and reputation on for the future. Division I have been advocating, to strengthen the technical aspects of innovation, we believe that only this way the products will occupy more market longer. Moreover, the relatively high-tech automatic locking screw machine in terms of R & D technical staff is the competitiveness of enterprises, quality management is the fundamental source of the enterprise.
Creativity For businesses, not only depends on the individual leader or creativity, but the formation of a corporate culture, sustainable development and management of this can, of course, need to innovate, but the social need for companies concerned about the development of new technologies automatic locking screw machine, active application of new technologies, which is the business leaders to accept the concept of innovation performance, but also companies closely follow the market development, an important means of maintaining market share.
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