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Automatic locking screw machine main categories

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2016/5/30 10:18:16 Hits:1768
Automatic locking screw machine up their batch can be divided into:
         A-axis automatic locking screw machine, two-axis automatic locking screw machine, three-axis automatic locking screw machine, four-axis automatic locking screw machine,
         Five-axis automatic locking screw machine, six-axis automatic locking screw machine, seven-axis automatic locking screw machine, eight-axis automatic locking screw machine, nine-axis automatic locking screw machine. Etc. according to the customer's site to determine the requirements of
         Their use form is divided into:
         Automatic locking screw machine: its material is divided into two kinds of automatic and manual feeding, but it is all machine screws automatically supply.
         Hand-held automatic locking screw machine: hand-held is divided into automatic supply screw type and batch extraction head screws.
         Huanair production of hand-held automatic locking screw machine feeding mechanism (supplied screws), its characteristics, is the first batch of hand can move freely without restriction.
         According to different product classification, relatively more numerous, relatively speaking, any kind of product has a corresponding lock screw device.
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