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Automatic Laser Marking Machine
【Product Name】Automatic Laser Marking Machine
【Product Category】Automatic Laser Marking Machine
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【Updated】2016/5/30 15:40:47
FPC 355nm UV laser coders using short wavelength ultraviolet laser beam scans the surface of the FPC, the high-energy ultraviolet photons directly destroy the molecular bonds of the surface of a flexible material, the purpose of the removal of material. UV laser processing are "cold", the product of the heat affected zone minimal processing region, with smooth edges and minimal carbonization, to ensure processing out of the FPC optimal product quality, the industry is extremely GF references.

The FPC laser coders is a light, mechanical, electrical, materials processing in one of the laser processing equipment, the processing advantages:
1, non-contact processing, processing small parts heat affected zone;
2, high-performance UV laser spot is small, power distribution, small thermal effect, a code slit width, high quality play yards;
3, precision dimensional table and closed loop numerical control system;
4, position sensors and CCD image positioning technology, automatic positioning, focus;
5, a code repeat verification;
6, automatic stacking technology;

First, the principle of laser coders

 Automatic Laser Marking Machine

Second, the structure of laser coders
Automatic Laser Marking Machine
Third, the laser process

Automatic Laser Marking Machine
Fourth, laser printing products

Automatic Laser Marking Machine

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