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Automatic locking screw machine / dispenser
【Product Name】Automatic locking screw machine / dispenser
【Product Category】Automatic locking screw machine / dispenser
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【Updated】2016/5/30 16:24:30
1, the main automatic transmission system by a screw, X-Y-Z mobile platforms, control systems and lock pay system components;
2, double-headed lock screw duplex, two electric screwdriver while lock pay two screws, more efficient
3, while at the same station lock-products, can be expected on the other station is completed or unloading operation, saving a lot of time
4, program control: the emergence of Waterloo teeth or card stock or can be set to stop recording lock pay slip teeth or card stock position, product returns relock all the screws to be locked after completion;
5, good stability, not the material, even if the card is bad material, non-professionals can also address card stock within a few seconds;
6, the key parts of high-quality materials and specially treated metal, electronic components using imported equipment to ensure zero fault;

technical data




tooth trail


Aspect ratio

total Length L≥1.2p head diameter (large body short head screws)

Head shape

Cross, t-shaped, Y-shaped, hexagonal, pentagonal, triangular, torx, slot-head screws

power supply

AC220V 50HZ 200W

Working pressure

5.5 ± 0.5kg /cm2

torque limit

30kgf.cm (2.0N.m)

positioning accuracy

± 0.02mm /axis

Running speed

600mm /sec

Mode of operation

pLC + HD touch screen

Drive mode

servo motor (stepping circle)

Motion Modules

precision screw and linear slide

storage Capacity

At least 90 groups each of 50 points

Feeding way

Air blown feed 0.35 /particles (air-suction reclaimer 0.5s /satellites)

Applicable screwdriver

Electric screwdriver

Effective whereabouts

600 (X) * 300 (Y) * 100 (Z) mm (according to product customization)


850 (L) * 820 (W) * 800 (H) mm (according to product customization)

total Weight



Waterloo teeth leakage alarm bad statistics the number of locks

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