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Laser flatness tester
【Product Name】Laser flatness tester
【Product Category】Laser flatness tester
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【Updated】2016/5/30 22:18:51
SICK laser detector head or Keyence light plane of the detector is a representative platform, mainly by marble countertops, several placed consisting of a laser probe marble countertop, computer and electrical control cabinet.
Laser flatness detector Details:

1, SICK or Keyence laser probe
2, the light detector flatness representative few, mainly marble countertops, several, put on a marble countertop laser probe, computer and electrical control cabinet composition.
1) tell image acquisition card + optimized image processing algorithms, detection time can be controlled within 2.5s of the child;
2), single-point measurement repeatability <10μm, machine repeatability <50μm;
3), uniform laser triangulation probe, to achieve non-contact measurement;
4), 00 marble countertops provide a unified measurement reference;
5), the software interface is friendly, simple operation;
6), provides ultra-poor sound alarm function;
7), to achieve bar code input and retrieval capabilities;
8), light intensity controllable software, equipment usage time to be seen.

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