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Automatic three-dimensional image measuring instrument NVC1500
【Product Name】Automatic three-dimensional image measuring instrument NVC1500
【Product Category】Automatic three-dimensional image measuring instrument NVC1500
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【Updated】2016/5/30 23:43:26
NVC1500 automatic optical image measuring instrument is introduced - Thai Group for 3C industry Parts dimensional control of large stroke testing equipment. The instrument uses servo control system with the United States original NAVITAR lens for quick realization of various large-size workpieces accurate measurement of complex surfaces.

1, exterior design aesthetic, functional design more humane.
2, arched beam design, improve the rigidity of the X-axis beam.
3, the new design can be programmed with forty lights, the workpiece boundary more clearly.
4, belt drive, low noise, accurate positioning, run more smoothly.
5, set up in the 00 rail directly marble countertop, guarantee running accuracy of the guide rail.
6, the new CNC software, user-friendly, simple operation, and stability.
7, and increase the laser probe measurement modules.

Machine Model

NVC1500 (or more travel)

working platform Dimensions (mm)

1834 * 1530

the whole machine size (mm)

2800 * 2100 * 1407

Measuring stroke (mm)

1200 * 1500 * 200

Machine weight (kg)

Body: 4000 Base: 500

machine load (kg)


Machine base and column materials

precision granite (beams of high-precision granite) (column cast iron)




belt drive

Motor control

intelligent integration control (mouse, joystick)


Automatic NAVItAR zoom


Image Magnification: 28X-145X


Japan SONY high resolution CCD

Optical Encoder Resolution (um)

1 (0.5 optional)

X, Y-axis repeatability (um)


X, Y axis accuracy (um)

(4.5 + L /250)

Z axis repeatability (um)


Speed ??(mm /s)

X-axis: 300   Y-axis: 300   Z axis: 30

acceleration (mm /s2)

 X-axis: 300   Y-axis: 800   Z axis: 300

Light Source

On the surface of the lamp: Subdivision control 40 of the lamp  white;
Lower profile light: LED nearly parallel light  White
tricolor optional (white, red, green)
Control: programmable


Inspec Software


power: 110v-220v ± 10% 50 /60Hz, temperature: 20 ± 5 ℃, Humidity: 45% -75%


A year

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