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One key auto measure
【Product Name】One key auto measure
【Product Category】One key auto measure
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【Updated】2016/5/30 23:47:03
One key measurement system introduced
Instrument features:

◆ accurate measurement flash, a bond that was;
◆ speed, high efficiency, suitable for mass measurement needs;
◆ simple operation, a key is pressed, you can quickly complete all of the measurement process, and outputs the measurement results;
◆ automatic image registration function without positioning of the workpiece, no fixtures, streamline operations;
◆ can simultaneously identify multiple measurements of the workpiece and measured output;
◆ Measurement results can be output Word, Excel, CAD and other formats;
◆ Large diameter dual telecentric lens diameter of 100mm, realize panorama measure;
◆ 5 megapixel image sensor, high resolution;
◆ measurement process without platform motion, quiet and reliable;
◆ Configuring a wealth of external interfaces, integrated into the production line can be customized for fast online measurement.
Technical Parameters:



Measuring range (mm) *


Z-axis travel (mm)


External dimensions (mm)

580 × 320 × 800

Weight (kg)


Load (kg)


measurement accuracy

5 μm

the maximum height of the workpiece to be measured


Minimum display unit


Light source

Contour light

LED cold light (parallel light green), 256 adjustable brightness

Surface of the light

4 partition ring LED cold light (white), independent control of each section, 256 adjustable brightness

Image Sensor

5 megapixel camera industry


Vispec measurement software (VMQ Edition)

Optical lens

Φ100mm double telecentric lens

Depth of field


warranty period

1 year

working environment

temperature 20 ° C ± 5 ° C, humidity 30 to 80%

Vibration & lt; 0.002g, lower than 15Hz

power supply

220V /50Hz /3A

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